Payment Details

I tend to seek full payment up front due to the fragile and precarious nature of releasing and showing unique ides prior to being paid.

If full payment is not appropriate, then please let me know and we can workout a 50%-50% installment plan.

If you have decided to use the 50%-50% plan, the final balance is due towards completion of project when the design has been approved. Only when the final payment has been received will any requested digital files be released. Only on this final payment will full rights to the design be transferred.

Payment Method

You will receive a PayPal invoice in your email you provided. You can pay the invoice online quickly and securely. Just click the “Pay Now” button in your invoice to pay using your credit card, bank account, or PayPal. Paying by credit card does not require a PayPal account.



All preparation materials, sketches, visuals, including the electronic files used to create the project remain the property of Angela Schmidt Design. The final artwork/digital files will become the property of the client ONLY upon final payment of the project.

If there are issues with the final payment, I then reserve the right to reuse or amend any of these ideas for other clients or to be used freely as concepts in my portfolio.

Should the client attempt to use/modify/alter/replicate or steal any of my ideas without agreed final payment, I will take immediate legal counsel.

Angela Schmidt Design reserves the right to show any artwork, ideas, sketches created for projects in a portfolio as examples of client work. This can be during the project and also on completion. If you have any specific “secrecy/stealth mode’ requirements, please mention this before agreeing to your proposal or order.

Final payment ensures that ONLY the agreed logo design becomes the clients property. Any previous ideas/concepts remain the property of Angela Schmidt Design, unless any prior agreement has been made.

project/proposal ends

Any project or proposal ends when client receives the project deliverables (e.g. client’s logo kit or print-ready files). If the client needs changes, edits and/or updates to the approved and delivered project, the client will be invoiced based on my hourly rate for the additional time it takes to complete the request.


I sincerely request that you trust me to do the job you are paying me to do. That you will take on board my suggestions and ideas to be in your best interests.

cancellation during project

If you choose to cancel the project midway through the project, where ideas and proposals have been submitted, refund of previous payment is not possible. However, depending on the work completed and overall budget, a portion of the funds ‘may’ be returned.

project suspension

I reserve the right to suspend any project if a client: interferes with excessive micromanaging, demonstrates a continued lack of trust and inability to move forward after showing more than a reasonable number of unique ideas/concepts and/or shows reluctance in paying the final payment.

Fair notice will be given with fair chance to remedy the situation without resorting to project suspension or termination. Any suspension or termination will not result in any refunds.

Logo tm, © & ®

Due to the lengthy and often costly procedures required to initiate any form of Trademark, Copyright, Registered and legal name search, I am unable to help with this.

If you require the logo to be trademarked, then you must seek proper legal advice.


You take full responsibility for ensuring that the company/product/name is legally free before work is started. Should any legal issue arise with the naming after the project has been completed, no refunds are possible neither am I responsible for any problems thus arising.

Please ensure the name you are using is free and legally safe to use before committing to a logo project.

Name changes during a project can be exceptionally costly.

Printing Responsibility

For the purpose of versatility we will supply your logo kit in Pantone colors, but converted to CMYK. When you are approving your logo or other designs on the computer monitor, you are only approving RGB colors. Computer screens can not reproduce CMYK printed colors. I hold no responsibility for exactly matching your approved RGB colors. It is the clients’ responsibility to double-check and make sure the printer gets the right color. Furthermore when printing in CMYK process the printed colors may vary due to different printing dates to different printing companies. This is due to a non standardized color pallet used by this process printers, and calibration of the machine. Therefore Angela Schmidt Design is removing all the responsibilities for the outcome of the printing quality and colors. It’s your job to ask for Pantone matching or ask for Pantone spot printing (usually an extra printing cost) from printer to printer.

Loss of LOGO data

Angela Schmidt Design will take all appropriate precautions to safeguard its servers and data contained within, however Angela Schmidt Design will not be held responsible for any loss of client data stored or intended to be stored on the servers and on back-up devices. The client will not be entitled to any form of compensation from Angela Schmidt Design in the event of loss of data, therefore it is recommended that the client also take steps to backup his/her logo materials.


The EPS file in your logo kit is fully editable with the fonts outlined to objects. I outline the fonts to avoid missing font issues when sending the file to various printer companies. The fonts are just like software and to own a font you must buy the license. I can not share the font files that are in your logo due to the license on the fonts. If you find yourself in the position where you need to buy the font, let me know and I can direct you to the recommended font site.


Angela Schmidt Design may make changes to the website and information provided, i.e. prices, hourly rate, technical specifications, and package details at any time and without notice.