Platinum YEAST


Re-design an existing logo and packaging.


Create a more modern style logo by moving away from the harsh pointed serif font ( Platinum Yeast’s old logo design ) and exploring a new logo in all lowercase letters. The other challenge was to make it more obvious that the product was baking yeast. This was accomplished two ways. First, by increasing the size of the statement Superior Baking Yeast, and second, taking the tagline, Premium Instant Yeast with Dough Enhancers, out of the logo design and adding it to the package design as a callout. The red wheat graphic around the Red Star logo was not carried into the new logo design. This helped clean it up and keep it simple.

The 3-packet strip re-design simply needed a softer look by changing the color from grey to white and displaying three logos, not one big one. This way when the consumer uses one or two, the product logo is still visible. ( Platinum’s old packaging ) To give the packets texture — the wheat graphic needed to be much stronger, yet light enough to fall behind the logo. Put the packaging altogether and you’ve got yourself a great contrasting design.

Project was completed while employed by a St. Cloud, Minnesota advertising agency.



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