Logo Design & Brand identity

A selection of logos created for various clients from large corporations, to small businesses, and non-profits.


PHASE 1: Client Discover

At this stage of the game, I aim to learn as much as possible about your company culture, values and the way you do business, and then inject that into the logo design.

PHASE 2: Industry Discover

Who is your audience and who is your competition? Knowing this will help take the logo to that unique style for your audience. The most important part is to see who else is out there and how their logos look, so we avoid doing the same thing. I want to set you apart from everybody else, so a list of your competitors is key to the logo design process.


This phase is simple. How and where will the logo be used? This is essential because it tells me if you need various logo orientations or if the logo needs a strong stand alone icon.


I usually sketch dozens of ideas during the brainstorming phase, and then pick only a handful to present to you. This process is important. It allows me to quickly come up with several possible designs that can suit your needs.


After the sketching process and picking 5-7 of the best ideas, it’s time to create them in illustrator; a vector based application. The first step I take is to present them in black and white for a quick initial review, which puts the focus on the details of the logo style and not on color at this stage. My main objective is to get your feedback on rough vector ideas and to identify the ones you’d like to refine.


The refinement stage can take the longest, because it involves a lot of back and forth regarding improvements and changes to the logo drafts. Here’s where the fun happens! If we have narrowed it down to one or two logos in the refinement stage then color palettes are introduced. I also mockup the logo drafts in various application to see how they will perform in different situations — sometimes logo details on paper don’t work well on a building sign.

This stage is complete when the final logo is chosen, approved, and prepared for identity development.

PHASE 7: Identity Development

I create a simple brand guideline to show the various logos, colors, typography, and brand elements that can be used in your marketing materials.


A great logo is not the end, but the beginning of a great brand identity. Stationery is usually the next step, but outdoor, vehicle graphics, and your website are other communication tools to include; all sending the same unified brand message.

Few of the logos were completed while employed by a St. Cloud, Minnesota advertising agency.