Web Design


Design a crisp and clean website to help “Make the Water Connection.”


Central Minnesota Water Education Alliance, also known as CMWEA, is a committee to help educate the public to take action to protect our shared water resources. They have a yearly high school TV ad contest, which targets younger generations year after year in hopes to get them aware of how to protect their water. The website is geared around this contest, but also contains useful information from the top-ten water protection tips to the resource links. I cleaned up the site by adding a sponsor slider on the bottom of the homepage instead of a parade of logos. Now all of the sponsor logos are displayed on their own page, which allows them to be in color and organized by their level of support. The website is wrapped up in a CMS called WordPress, a content management system, so that the client can make changes to text and links.

This CMS is robust with many free widgets you can add to your site like the weather widget found on the homepage. This is a simple and lightweight widget for displaying current local weather forecast data from Weather Underground, the perfect “Make the Water Connection” tool to know when heavy rain is on it’s way!

Project was completed while employed by a St. Cloud, Minnesota advertising agency.